Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Multiverse: ‘Ideas that are not science at all’

“WHILE the single Big Bang model, as different from the fact of the fairly uniform expansion of all observed matter, is losing favor among cosmologists, the perspective of many big bangs, amounting to multiverses that keep popping out of the mythical scalar field, does more than gain in popularity among cosmologists. Within that perspective scientific respectability accrues to ideas that are not science at all. Had any noted cosmologist submitted to a prominent journal an article on the Big Bang as being proof of, or at least a strong pointer to creation out of nothing and in time, he most likely would have faced editorial demands that such details be omitted.”

~Stanley L. Jaki: God and the Cosmologists, Postscript.

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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

"The demise of causality"

“THE claim, which has no justification in quantum mechanics, is the essence of the standard philosophical interpretation of quantum mechanics put together by Werner Heisenberg and especially Niels Bohr, in Copenhagen. (This is why it is customarily referred to as the Copenhagen philosophy of mechanics.) Both took a basic consequence of quantum mechanics about the possibility of measuring certain interactions with complete accuracy for the justification of the following proposition if not plain somersault in logic: an interaction that cannot be measured exactly, cannot take place exactly. And in the same breath they began to celebrate the demise of causality, with the consequent enthronization of chance.”

~Stanley L. Jaki: The Savior of Science, Ch. 3.

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